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Creative Strategy Sessions - A New Way to Brainstorm

flare creative strategy session


30-minute Session

Creative Strategies Brainstorming Package

flash creative strategy session


1-hour Session

Creative Strategies Brainstorming Package

flame creative strategy session


2-hour Session

Creative Strategies Brainstorming Package

fire creative strategy session


Three 1-hour Sessions

Creative Strategies Brainstorming Package

What's Included in our Creative Strategy Sessions?

  • Initial Project Reflection and Review to target true needs and goals for your customized strategy session.
  • Personalized Creative Strategy team with up 5 of our Specialist (team and qualifications needed are determined upon initial Project Reflection)
  • Pre-strategy internal session for Specialists to prepare for your Customized Creative Brainstorm Session
  • Creative Session Recap Package containing the following:
    • A video/audio copy of the session
    • Written outline and results of discussion in an organized and easy to ready manner
    • Our personal recommendation written by our team of Specialists on how you can best meet your goals.

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